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Indie Beauty Extravaganza

Dear Compassionate Consumer,

Happy Fall! As you may have gathered from the last few enewsletters, our summer was action packed. This month, we are rounding out our warm weather adventures and sharing the latest and greatest below!

First off, we share highlights from our final event of the year, Indie Beauty Expo NYC, that featured over 250 brands at the show. Our Program Manager, Kim Paschen, then reviews her top picks from cult-favorite and recently certified Thrive Causemetics. Spoiler alert: you can’t go wrong with anything you choose! We also share new companies recently added to our Shopping Guide and get the scoop on fabulous facial care in our interview with skin guru, Savy Guthrie, the founder of Theoderma. Be sure to scroll to the end for exclusive promos from A to Z Candles, Browluxe, Lulla Beauty NYC, Rute Elements, and Smaxwax.

For the animals,

Caitlin McGrother
Leaping Bunny Program Administrator

Indie Beauty Expo Recap

On August 21-22, Leaping Bunny traveled to New York City to attend Indie Beauty Expo NYC. For those who have never attended an Indie Beauty Expo, the New York event is by far the largest and most action-packed, with over 250 companies exhibiting. This year, the event spanned two days, which gave us time to visit close to 100 companies! We saw many of our Leaping Bunny certified brands, including Azure, BLNCD, Chuda, Elina Skin, Humble Brands, My Magic Mud, NIU Body, and The Seaweed Bath Co. And, we also met a bunch of new companies interested in Leaping Bunny certification, a few of which we have already certified, including Berlin Skin and Codex Beauty. Check out the pictures below of some of the highlights from the trip.

Thrive Causemetics

I don’t normally get too excited about makeup, but I was super excited to try products from Thrive Causemetics. This recently certified brand donates money from every purchase towards causes that better the lives of women, animals, and communities. Plus, I had heard so many good things on social media about their mascara, and well, it didn’t disappoint. Read on to find out about some of my favorite products, including the mascara, which you need to get pretty much yesterday.

Overnight Sensation Brightening Sleep Mask

Who doesn’t love a good mask? But who has the time to wait 10-30 minutes to do one? Well, now you can slather your face with this overnight mask before you go to bed and rinse it off in the morning! Your face will be smoother and brighter when you wake up, and all you have to do is sleep while it works its magic. Great for all skin types!

Headliner Lipstick

Lipstick can be tricky; it either comes off too quickly or stains (and then often dries out) your lips. This lipstick gives you the flexibility to have full, bursting lip color or a lovely, more subtle tint. It is incredibly moisturizing and comes off easily.

Instant Brow Fix Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Gel

Bold brows are in, so if you don’t have them naturally, this gel is an absolute necessity. It comes in three shades and it perfectly enhances your own brows, making them standout without going overboard. And it doesn’t smudge!

Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara

This one is a keeper. The brush may look strange, but it makes magic happen. You get longer, thicker lashes that stay on all day and that don’t flake or irritate your eyes. You can even apply multiple coats to enhance the effects. And it’s vegan!!

New Companies

We certified so many companies this summer. Below is a selection of hair care, skin care, and even household products we have recently added to our list, including some very well-known beauty brands. Check out our list below and be sure to click on the links to learn more!

BLNCD Naturals
Skin and body care formulated with CBD and all-natural, organic, and wild-crafted ingredients.

Chuda Skincare
Skincare formulated with the Remedea Compound, which is comprised of plants, pollen, propolis and mineral rich waters, and is a centuries old skincare remedy discovered by a family of healers.

An aesthetics-founded line of holisitic and organic skincare products inspired by nature.

Easy-to-use skincare and makeup created as the new beauty essentials to revolutionize your daily routine.

Huna Skin
Natural, organic high-performance skincare and cosmetics to feed, nourish, and protect the skin using innovative and science-based methods.

High performance professional hair care.

One natural, all-purpose cleaner and detergent to make cleaning easy for everyday tasks.

Edgy men’s grooming line created by two Dutch barbers with attitude and great packaging.

Sagely Naturals
Skincare formulated with CBD, essential oils, and other natural ingredients that are free from parabens, synthetic fragrances, and sulfates.

Smith & Cult
Cosmetics line developed for individuals to create their own look and designed to fit into life’s ever-changing flow.

Research-backed ingredients in effective combinations to create skincare that works.

Sunday Riley Modern Skincare
Science-based skincare for balanced, glowing skin that is 100% fragrance free.

Tweak’d by Nature
Hair care formulated with ingredients that are wild-crafted and sustainably harvested.


This month, we are excited to interview Savy Guthrie, the owner and founder of skincare company, Theoderma. We recently met Savy in person at Indie Beauty Expo NYC and thought her story was perfect to share this month! Savy is a Physician’s Assistant in Dermatology, so she knows a thing or two about skin and has now developed her own line of skincare products. We had the opportunity to test them out and can attest to how well they work! Be sure to check out our interview with Savy below, where she is refreshingly honest and candid about her company, the skincare industry, and what makes her products different.

What was the inspiration behind the creation of Theoderma?
Ultimately what prompted Theoderma was years of watching my patients struggle with the same skin problems I had. In my 30s and after my first child, I developed sensitive, reactive skin, which I never had before. The constant skin irritation that ensued was embarrassing, especially considering my profession as a dermatology PA with 17 years of experience. Not finding relief even with “all natural” products was frustrating.

Back then, I did some research and found that products frequently contained hidden ingredients. Consumers don’t realize that ingredients that are added to products are frequently water-based, and as such, require a preservative. Many companies simply don’t include that additive on their label.

Armed with this knowledge, I started crafting my own products. Creating a company was never the plan. But patients always asked me what I used on my skin and where they could get it, and that’s how Theoderma all started.

What is Theoderma’s mission?
To empower consumers to achieve healthy skin on their terms; that means knowing everything that goes into the products. Even if our ingredients aren’t 100% all-natural, being 100% transparent is more important to me.

Can you explain how being a dermatology PA has helped in regards to brand/product creation?
I know skin and my experience treating patients with all different types of skin has taught me that there is no cookie cutter approach to skin care. You won’t find a “proprietary ingredient” in every product like some other companies. Different skin types have different needs. We select the botanical extracts specific to the needs of the skin type we are crafting for.

Do you formulate your products from start to finish?
Mainly, but I am not a chemist so everything ultimately gets analyzed and tweaked by a professional chemist to ensure all of the ingredients are compatible for production. Then, of course, everything has to be tested for preservation, stability, and safety.

What is your favorite Theoderma product and why?
It is tough to pick just one! I would have to say the CoQ10 Fine Line Serum. It really has improved the texture of some surface lines for me. But don’t believe any product that claims it will make your wrinkles disappear! It is not possible with a topical; you will never read any false or pharmaceutical claims about our products.

What is your most popular product?
Probably the Honeysuckle Brightening Serum. We get such great reviews about it helping to even out skin tone. (Those people use it twice a day with sunscreen.) Keep in mind, if you have a specific goal with your skin, results take time and consistency is key.

Are all of Theoderma’s products vegan?
Every product is certified by Vegan Action. That means that none of the ingredients contain, have been processed with or come into contact with animal by-products.

Why is being Leaping Bunny certified important to Theoderma?
We love animals and we want everyone to know it. Anyone can write ‘Cruelty-Free’ on their products, and lots of companies do, but are they? How can someone know for sure, we believe in proof. That is why we proudly display the Leaping Bunny and Vegan logo on our products.

What is something unique about Theoderma that others may not know?
That “Mindfully Crafted” isn’t just a tagline on our logo. It is the foundation behind everything I do as a dermatology PA, wife, mother and business owner. From sourcing ethically farmed, cruelty-free ingredients, to (at the moment), looking to source glass bottles to replace our acrylic ones.

Where can consumers find Theroderma’s products?
Through our website for now: www.TheodermaSkinCare.com. Our goal, of course, as we grow is to end up stores like Credo Beauty or Detox Market, but I am ok with baby steps.

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