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Luxury Lotion Candles and Premium Soy Candles.

Scented with plant extracts roots, resins, absolutes, herbs, flowers, and organic essential oils. Infused with ethically and sustainably wild harvested botanicals.

Proprietary blend of organic botanical oils including: shea butter, rose hip, apricot kernel, evening primrose, argan, hemp seed, pumpkin seed, rice bran, soja, and grape seed.

Simply light your candle and wait for melt pool to form (perfect time for a bubble bath). Scoop out or pour directly on to skin for intense moisturizing. Use as a hot oil hair treatment, luxury bath oil, natural perfume, skin serum, cuticle cream, or as an all natural home fragrance candle.

Burns cooler, cleaner, and 3X longer than wax candles.

Featuring Minimalist Botanical Candle collections and Literary Inspired Candle collections.

Free of phthalates, GMO's, synthetics, additives, dyes, parabens and petroleum.

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Certified Cruelty Free + Vegan by PETA
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