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Espionage Cosmetics is a Nerd Makeup company out of Tacoma, WA that fuses our love of comic books, video games, pop culture, nostalgia, and fandom with our adoration of bright colors and cosmetics. We offer a line of cruelty free makeup and nail art themed around the aforementioned things we are obsessed with. We proudly carry a wide selection of vegan options with our pressed powders that are also gluten free, talc free, and multi-use! Our product line of nail art or “Nerd Manicures" are vegan, latex free, gluten free, and 10 FREE! Our company is on a mission to make makeup fun and less intimidating to the nerds like us who may only ever “dabble” in the beauty world. We are intensely proud of our product quality, our customer service, and our mission as a whole.

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