Booda Butter Suds of Love All-In-One Soap

Booda Butter is a company that automatically brings a smile to your face. Their packaging is so fun, colorful, and querky. But, what's inside is even more worthy of celebrating. Booda Butter's products are beyond amazing and formulated with incredibly simple ingredients. 

The Suds of Love All-In-One Soap is made with olive oil, coconut oil, fair trade shea butter, artesian spring water, and sodium hydroxide, and that's it! The result is a super creamy, moisturizing soap that is hydrating enough to use for shampoo, soap, and shaving purposes. The scent is incredibly mild and perfect for individuals that prefer unscented products. This soap is wonderful for everyone, especially those with dry skin. Also check out their daily moisturizer; not to be overdramatic, but it's life changing.

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