Black Tie Market Sprinkles + Buttercream Lathering Sugar Scrub

Black Tie Market is a Leaping Bunny certified company specializing in bath and body products that are both beautifully formulated and deliciously scented. Their products range from lip scrubs and polishing scrubs to soap bars and facial mist. In particular, the range of fragrances are unique and fun. Not only do they have their everyday scents including sweet roll + cinnamon, oak + bourbon, vanilla + arabica, and anise + pepper, they currently have a delicious fall collection which includes pumpkin spice latte, buttered praline, cinnamon crab apple, frosted pumpkin, and roasted fall figs.

One of their products that deserves special attention is the Sprinkles + Buttercream Lathering Sugar Scrub. The ingredients include shea butter, apricot kernel oil, and camellia seed oil, and smells absolutely delicious. Adding to the charm is the fact that there are little colored grains which are reminiscent of sprinkles within the scrub. This product is wonderful for everyone, especially for individuals that are opposed to conventional sugar scrubs that leave the tub slippery after use. This formula is a light exfoliant that can be used daily, dissolves easily on the skin, and leaves behind a subtle, sweet scent. Additionally, it does not leave any residue in the shower. 

Check out the various mouth watering scents available in the Lathering Sugar Scrub. They also have gift sets that contain a variety of both their house scents and fall scents, which is perfect for you to give a loved one or for yourself in order to try an array of their amazing scents.