Antiquity Body Care Shea Butter Soap

Bar soap is perhaps one of the most boring products in a personal care routine. It can be difficult to shake things up and make soap fun and exciting from a company's perspective. Why mess with the norm, right? Well, sometimes it's good to deviate from the norm.

Antiquity Body Care has created a line of vegan, cruelty-free shea butter soaps in a wide variety of colors and scents, in a fun, oversized shape. Infused with essential oils including frankincense, patchouli, tea tree, lavender, coffee bean, eucalyptus, and citrus, there is a soap for nearly any preference. There is also a Blank Slate unscented soap for individuals who prefer no fragrance. The bright, vibrant colors are made with natural earth clays, mineral pigments, micas, and oxides and are all-natural. This soap is super gentle and perfect for individuals with dry or sensitive skin. Although the majority of the soaps contain essential oils, the scent is very light and not overwhelming. Not only is this soap great for people of all ages, it has the potential to make bath time more fun for kids. Both the Athena Owl (made with frankincense) and Poseidon Sea (made with lemongrass, dulse, and pink himalayan sea salt) are wonderfully gentle yet effective. In the Poseidon Seal, the addition of the pink himalayan sea salt creates the perfect gentle exfoliator. The next formulation I am looking forward to trying is the Hermes Caffeinated Coffee Bean, which also contains cocoa powder!