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Here at Active CBD oil we strive to make the best product with the finest CBD oils available, period. We are passionate about the products we make and the lives of the people who join us on this journey. We want to not only improve our customers health but the health of the community we live in.
The product
We use 100% decarboxylated (Activated) high CBD Colorado grown hemp oil that is more bio-available than the raw CBD oil many other companies use.
The hemp we use is grown in Colorado, USA without pesticides and is non-GMO.
Our CBD oil syringes have no fillers, preservatives or artificial flavoring or coloring.
We use quality syringes that fully empty, wont fall apart or break and only sell the oils in 1 gram syringes for easy dosing.
We use a clean earth friendly CO2 extraction process in to make our oils that leaves no harsh chemicals behind and doesn't harm the environment and the community we live in.
Minimum ingredients, just the stuff you want

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